Bristol Vineyard:
Church isn’t stopping – it’s just going to look different going forward

Interim Leaders - Debbie & Alan Foster
Senior Pastor vacancy - Please visit our Careers page for more details.

Hello, and welcome to Bristol Vineyard’s website.

As a church we have suspended all physical, church gatherings until further notice to try and keep people safe, to protect others and in so doing try to minimise as much as possible the impact of coronavirus on our community, our city, our country and beyond. However, this does not mean we stop being church or stop being family.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing different ideas, podcasts, devotions, worship and creative ways we can stay connected for the long haul while we are not able to meet in homes or on a Sunday. Different ideas will appeal to different people. Don’t worry if some of them don’t work for you, we are all different.

Remember that church isn’t stopping, its just going to look different. So many of you are already being creative, generous and looking for new ways to love your community and spend time with God. We love it. If you haven’t already, do look at the BV Facebook page (external link opens in a new window) for some really encouraging posts for example. So together let’s focus on the opportunities we can have to spend time in God’s presence and both enjoy and share his love and compassion with our City.

With much love and prayers

Debbie & Alan and the BV Leadership Team

We gather every Sunday morning at 10.30am.  However currently all meetings are suspended.

We don’t have our own building but meet at Fairfield school, BS7 9NL. (Plenty of car-park space on-site).