An Invitation to Intimacy


Can we try and find 5 minutes or more each day and sit in silence with God.  Reflect on the fact that he waits for us on the shore like he waited for Peter and he invites us to be with him.  Maybe write a list of the things you can bring with you, like Peter’s fish in verse 10, but then put that list down and simply sit with Jesus, not doing, just being.  Accepted.  Treasured.  Loved.

What, if anything did you learn about yourself or God through this exercise? (I’ve stolen this question from James Bryan Smith!)

Additional Invitation:

Can you write down a prayer/thought/poem that has grown out of your still time with Jesus?  Jesus said to Peter “feed my lambs”, sending him to share what he had received.  Is there someone God is prompting you to encourage that you could share your prayer/thought/poem with?