Easter Communion live stream & Carol Wimber interview

Happy Easter Everyone!

This weekend, the Easter Weekend, is for me the most significant celebration of the year even if it’s not the one that gets the most attention. Celebrating the awful death and miraculous resurrection of Jesus is what gives meaning and a purpose to my faith. Without them my faith has no meaning and has no life. His resurrection from the dead opens the way for me, for us, to see and experience God the Father without judgement or blemish. It blows my mind yet at the same time is the cornerstone of what I believe and what the Bible talks about. We can’t be together this weekend but we are going to try and have a live stream, virtual communion get together (that concept also blows my mind but the wonderful Tristan and Phil have made it possible) to celebrate that Jesus is alive!


So on Sunday 12th April 2020 at 10.30am please join us on the following live stream for the BV Easter Sunday communion.

Alan and I will start us all off from our living room at 10.30am. Please come prepared with your own bread and wine ready to share communion and log in to the link above.


Tim Cole looks at the resurrection and the Kingdom of God breaking through.

Video coming soon

An informal interview by John Wright with Carol Wimber and Bob & Penny Fulton

Also in case you haven’t had enough links or podcasts, at 8pm this evening (Saturday 11th) Vineyard UK are live streaming an absolutely fabulous interview with Carol Wimber. Carol was the wife of John Wimber who started the Vineyard movement. The interview is an informal, engaging conversation between John Wright (who heads up Vineyard UK), Carol and Bob & Penny Fulton who were with John Wimber right at the start of the Vineyard. There are clips of John speaking, insights into why he emphasised things a certain way and it is mixed with a good dose of humour. It’s well worth finding the time to listen to. Don’t worry if you can’t listen at 8pm tonight, as you can watch the video below at a time to suit.


I hope you enjoy both these ‘events’ and you all are inspired and encouraged that Jesus is alive and that we have a part to play in his plan to let the world know this.

Happy Easter

Much love