Doing Church, Being Church

Hi lovely BV family,

I hope you have had a good week and this finds you well. We have something slightly different for you this week…which I am very excited to share with you….


This week we continue reading through Acts together, moving onto chapters six through nine.

What jumps out at you as you read?  What questions does this next instalment of the early history of the church on a mission raise?  How far is what we read in these early chapters of Acts ‘narrative or normative’ as Bill put it in his answer to some questions asked about chapter five?  How do we work out the difference between these and what does that mean for what we take from this book and apply to ourselves and our own church on a mission?

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As you listen, worship and pray, if you have any sense of what God might be saying to us as a church or if you have a word or picture for a particular person, please do email us at

I am looking forward to hearing how you find this weekend’s challenge and would love to see some photos so do email them to me or upload them to Facebook.


Debbie Foster looks at the question What is Church? and what does it look like for BV during lockdown


This week Charlie is joined by his band in a feat of genius editing from James Bragg (Thank you James – very lovely to see you, Christine and Ella)
The words are typed out below the video in YouTube or there is a copy attached if you want to print them out.


The Drewett Family show us how to make a map of our street:

Much love as ever