Becoming God’s Generous People

Hi lovely BV family,

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Finally here are some thoughts on Generosity that Sallyann has written for us:

Some thoughts on Generosity…

Generosity was one of the first things that made me fall in love with the Vineyard. I joined a house-group and wanted to learn guitar – almost immediately one was given to me. I was blown away by how freely people gave of their time, energy and money towards me, a complete unknown. I was immensely blessed by it and it made me want to show Jesus to others like that through my life.

Something that gives me great pleasure is being able to plan to be generous – I have a ‘slush fund’ from which I can use to give in whatever way I feel God wants me to. If you know us, Nick and I like to be organised!! I want generosity to be incorporated in all aspects of my life and for it to just be ‘normal’. It’s the opposite of what the world expects and I love that Jesus wants us to be counter-cultural.

One challenge recently was on my recent (big) birthday. I felt really thankful for how much God has given me and wanted to share that with some others. I made up some paper bags with cake, sandwiches, drinks, goodies and a Primark voucher in them and dragged Nick out in the rain with me to give them out to some homeless around town. It was really a little thing in the bigger picture but sometimes I think generosity goes hand in hand with obedience. It was a drop in the ocean but maybe a drop of kindness those people wouldn’t have had otherwise.

In my journey of generosity I feel I need to be more generous with my time. I’m pretty protective of my time due to years of shift work, but I feel like God is challenging me to give more freely of it. It’s hard, and it presses my buttons a bit, so it must be God!

Finally, I would love my children to grow to have generous spirits. Modelling that is one of my many challenges in life. Bring it on!

Blessings, Sallyann x

Much love as ever