An Invitation to Intimacy

This week in looking at Luke 8 we find two invitations a silent, unspoken invitation to intimacy to hear the stories about Jesus and the truth about him, his character, and his Father and to respond like the haemorrhaging woman by stretching out our hands to him.  Secondly, a public, spoken invitation to intimacy where Jesus can bring His truth into our reality physically, emotionally, spiritually or socially.


Write down a list of all the things you believe about God and how you know them to be true.  Call/zoom/walk with a friend to discuss your list and learn from each other.  Where in life do you long for his truth to be made real?  Pray for each other.

Remember, God is his wisdom may not give us what we think we want, we may not understand and have a zillion questions but he will always respond to a desire for intimacy with genuine intimacy.  He will meet our outstretched hands.  He will give us deeper intimacy with him in whatever way he chooses.
This series is not about what we do so much as about God’s desire for relationship with us and his desire for us to know and experience his lavish, unconditional, all powerful love more deeply, more real-ly (if that’s a word) and more satisfyingly.  It’s all still about his relationship with us.  This is what the haemorrhaging woman found out when she stretched out her hand.  She was affirmed, accepted, treasured, freed, healed and given a hope and a future.  This invitation to intimacy is about realigning ourselves, our thoughts and beliefs with God’s truth and his reality and finding both intimacy & peace.
We’re all invited!
lots of love