Books on Healing

Books on Healing

So, we’re coming to the end of our current teaching series on healing. For anyone wanting to go a bit deeper, here’s some suggested reading. (With school term about to finish, many of us will be looking for books to pack as we go on holiday in the next few weeks. What better than one of these little page-turners for the beach?)

Power Evangelism, by John Wimber and Kevin Springer
Power Healing, by John Wimber and Kevin Springer
Well, I have to recommend these. We are a Vineyard church after all. But these really are essential. If we were Russian Orthodox or Plymouth Brethren (and you never know where God might lead), they’d still be my number one recommendation. Wimber, more than anyone else in the late twentieth century, both did the stuff and taught others how to do it too.
Amazing, inspiring stories combined with utterly practical advice, and a real insight into the origins of the Vineyard and where the movement’s values come from. Plus, how could you resist that cover? Now that’s graphic design, 80s-style.
We’ve got several tatty copies cluttering up the office. Borrow one!

Doing Healing, by Alexander Venter
I read through this while preparing our current series. Venter’s another Vineyard pastor, based in South Africa, and a friend of Eric and Helen Anderson (Eric claims!). He covers the theology of healing a little more comprehensively than Wimber, and he’s excellent on power and authority.

Healing, by Francis MacNutt
A perspective on healing from a completely different tradition, MacNutt is a former Roman Catholic priest. This book was first published in 1974 and is widely seen as the classic text on the subject. Broad, almost encyclopaedic but very readable and strongly recommended by many in the Vineyard.

Surprised by the Power of the Spirit, by Jack Deere
This one isn’t just about healing, but looks at the all the gifts of the Spirit and tackles the claim that they are no longer available today. An important book, Deere was a conservative theologian who decided to look at the biblical evidence and ended up changing his mind.