The fruits of the Spirit


Over the last few weeks we have been looking at different people in God’s story. Some of those people were kind and loving and patient and some of those people were not!

Can anyone think of someone who showed kindness, love and patience?

Can anyone think of someone who didn’t show patience or kindness?

We can ask God’s Holy Spirit to come and live inside us and that God can grow the fruit of the spirit in our lives – this means if we have God’s love living inside us then we can become more patient and kind, we can be peaceful and joyful, we can show love to those around us.


Dear God thank you for our families and our friends. Please help us to grow the fruits of the spirit: kindness, patience, goodness and self-control. Please will you come and fill us with your holy Spirit so that we can grow to become more like you. Thank you that you are with us wherever we are and that we can trust you to look after us no matter what happens. Amen