Solomon: God gives him wisdom


Sometimes it can be really hard to make difficult decisions.  This week we learnt what happened when Solomon was faced with a tough choice.  He chose to ask God to help him and give him wisdom.  God listened and Solomon was able to make a wise choice.  Lets remember to always ask God what he would want us to do in a situation and to ask for his wisdom.

Potential memory verse:
Proverbs 16:16 Wisdom is better than gold


Wise old owl craft

Activity sheets

Solomon asks for wisdom coloring

Solomon and babies wisdom colouring

Solomon wordsearch


Dear God,

Thank you for everything you have given us.  Please help us to share what we have and to look after each other.  Help us to make wise choices when we are faced with difficult decisions.  Thank you God that you will always help us when we ask.  Amen.