Samuel chooses David and David fights Goliath: God chooses the least of us


This week we are looking at another character who had great faith in God.  God chose David to be the next king of Israel because he looked at David’s heart and knew that he loved, trusted and obeyed God.  When the Philistines gathered an army to fight Israel, King Saul also gathered an army to fight.  No one in Saul’s army wanted to face the great warrior Goliath as they were afraid of him.  David offered to fight Goliath because he trusted in God to keep him safe; his bravery was based on faith and he showed his faith to be true.  What a great challenge for us this week to keep trusting in God even when we are afraid.

Memory Verse – Hebrews 13:6
The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid


Dear God,
Lord, in the story of David vs. Goliath you show us that with you, anything is possible. Thank you for always helping us when we are afraid.  Help us to trust and have faith in you even when we are scared. Please help our faith to grow. Amen


Optional Craft Activity – slingshot

Materials needed:

Balloons, scissors, paper/plastic cup, sellotape/glue, marshmallows or crushed paper balls, printable Goliath


1. Roll up the Goliath Printable (Goliath facing out) and use sellotape or glue to secure.

   Your “Goliath” should be able to stand.

2.  Tie a knot at the end of the balloo.

3. Cut off the tip of the balloon (the cut-out portion should be around half the size of the bottom of your paper cup).

4. Cut away the bottom of a paper/plastic cup.

5. Gently stretch the balloon over the bottom of the paper cup. Pull up the balloon as far as possible.

6. To shoot, simply place a marshmallow in the cup and hold it up; pull the end of the balloon and release.  The marshmallow should fly out of the cup.


  1. If your balloon does not fit the paper cup very well, you may need to secure it with sticky tape.
  2. The more upright you hold the cup, the higher the marshmallow will fly.
  3. If you prefer not to play with food items, you may substitute the marshmallows with crushed paper balls, ping pong balls, or anything light and small enough to fit in the paper cups (and that is safe to shoot).


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