Samson: God gives us gifts


What gifts has God given you? And how can you share them with others?

Are you a fast runner or sporty in other ways? A creative drawer or painter? Do you like singing or dancing? Can you help others who find it difficult? Do you see where there is a need and help? Good at tidying up? Are you an encourager?  Or are you good at listening to others when they need someone to talk too? Or maybe you can think of another gift that God has given you.


Try some strong man activities…

try some press-ups
try running on the spot, how high can you get your knees up?
try some Star jumps
how long can you hold your arms in the air?
Could you set up an obstacle course in your house or garden?


Give Samson a Hair cut, how many different styles could you give him?

Make some funky hair people! Use string and cardboard tubes and googley eyes:


Samson word scramble

Samson Maze


Dear Jesus
Thank you that you make us all different and we are good at different things. Thank you that we can choose what we do with what you give us. Help us to be great at sharing our gifts with others and to make others smile through our gifts.