Moses and the Burning Bush: God loves to talk to us


In Moses time it was very unusual for God to talk to people and also Moses was hiding in the desert because he had run away from Egypt after doing a bad thing. So that meant God needed to do something dramatic and unusual to get his attention.
But since Jesus has sent his Holy Spirit to come and be with us every day then we don’t need dramatic things like burning bushes and instead God normally talks to us in quiet little ways.
So, he might put a picture or a word in your mind or give you a feeling like peace or joy. He might use nature like birds and flowers or other people to encourage you and make you feel loved. There are so many ways that God talks to us but it takes practice to realise its him.


Thank you God that you love to talk to us and that you love us so much. Help us to recognise you when you are speaking. Help us to listen and hear your still small voice. Thank you that you spoke to Moses and he helped carry out your plans. Please help us to follow you too. Amen