Joshua and the Walls of Jericho: God Keeps his promises


Can you roll up a piece of paper to make a trumpet?

How would you feel marching around a city blowing your trumpet? God had promised the land to Abraham and to Isaac and to Israel and to Joseph and to Moses many many years ago and his promise came true. But the Israelities had to follow Gods instructions. How do you think they felt walking around the city every day for 7 days?  A bit silly perhaps? Scared? They had to brave and to trust God.

What promises have you kept? What promises have other people shown you? God always keeps His promises but it’s not always in the time that we’d like. The Israelites had many leaders whilst they were waiting for God to give them their promised land and whilst waiting, they wandered in the desert for 40 years. But God did keep his promise and Joshua did lead the Israelites into the promised land. God always keeps his promises but we might have to be patient sometimes!


Dear God, Thank you God that you keep your promises. Thank you that your promises tell us that you will look after us, keep us safe, always love us and help us when we ask you. Thank you that you took care of Rahab, you looked Joshua and showed him the way and thank you that you said that you would give the Israelites a promised land and you did. You always keep your promises!