Joseph goes to Egypt



Lots of difficult things happened to Joseph – he was sold as a slave, he had to work as a slave, wrongly accused, thrown into prison but God was with him and working all those things for his good. He grew in maturity and wisdom and trusting in God and so when it was time for him to be brought before Pharaoh he gave God all the credit and the glory.  

Joseph was sold by his brothers for 20 pieces of silver. Do you know of anyone else in the bible that was ‘sold’ for pieces of silver?


Dear God thank you for our families. Please help us to say sorry when we upset each other and to forgive each other. Please help us to grow the fruits of the spirit: kindness, patience, goodness and self-control. Thank you that you are with us wherever we are and that we can trust you to look after us no matter what happens. Amen