Jesus was tempted in the desert: We can ask God for help


The story this week is the first in our series on Easter. In this story we hear about Jesus fasting from food and drink for 40 days – about 5 weeks.

We are currently in a time called Lent which is the 40 days before Easter when we think about what Jesus did for us on the cross. Lots of Christians try to fast from something for Lent to remember Jesus in the desert fasting.

This story is really helpful when we think about being tempted to do the wrong thing – even Jesus was tempted.

Sometimes we might be tempted to say an unkind thing to a friend or if we are cross with our brother or sister we might be tempted to push them or hurt them or if we have made a wrong choice we might be tempted to tell a lie and it’s easier then owning up and saying that we did it.

However whenever Jesus was tempted he came back with a Bible verse to remind himself that he didn’t need to be tempted and that he had a choice! There is always a choice that we can make.

In the Bible, it talks about how the Bible is the Sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17). And just like Jesus did, we can use God’s Word, The Bible, to fight against what is wrong and to help us to remember to make good and kind choices.

Can you make a paper sword to represent God’s word in the bible? Could you write your favourite bible verse on it to remind you?


Dear God, 

 Thank you that Jesus was also tempted and he was able to use your word in the bible to resist the desire to do wrong. Please help us this week to remember your word and to make good choices. Please help us to walk away when we get angry and to say kind words instead of mean words to our friends and family. Please help us this week.