Jesus enters Jerusalem: He is a humble King


What would you do if you saw someone famous in the street? The Queen perhaps?

Everyone is praising Jesus because they know He is special. They wave palm leaves, put their clothes on the floor in front of him and shout, cheer and call him king.  They know that Jesus has come to do something special but they don’t know what yet. I don’t think they are expecting what is really going to happen!

Isn’t it funny how Jesus chose to ride on a donkey too… he doesn’t choose a beautiful white horse or a chariot, he chooses a donkey because that’s who our Jesus is; Humble, kind. He doesn’t put himself on a pedestal, he’d rather put you on one. He doesn’t need anything from us, Jesus just wants you to know that you are so loved and that’s why we can give him all our praise. We are loved and we can give Him love.


Dear Jesus,  thank you so much for loving us so much that you came to earth to rescue us – even though that meant dying on the cross for us. Thank you for all the good things you give us and that you never leave us. Please be with us this week. Amen