Hebrews 11: Heroes of the Faith


This week we are looking at the passage in Hebrews 11 where it talks about lots of people who had faith in God. Faith is when you believe and trust God even though you can’t see him. All of the people we have been learning about in the bible so far had faith in God…Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Rebecca, Joseph, Moses, Rahab and Joshua. They all believed in God and tried to do what he asked of them. This made them special people in God’s family and that is why we read their stories in the bible. I wonder can you remember everything we have learnt about them?! Can you answer the questions in the crossword?

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Dear God,

Thank you for the people in the bible that you showed your love to. Thank you that we can learn from them how to have faith in you. Thank you that we can learn from their triumphs and their mistakes. Please help our faith to grow.