Elijah: God provides for him


Sometimes we can feel sad or angry about things that happen to us. Life can be hard sometimes – we might have problems with our friends at school or sometimes we can face difficulties like Elijah did – with other people being unkind and mean to us. Or perhaps something sad might happen like someone we love becoming sick or even dying. What we learn from this story of Elijah though is that God is always with us and we can pray to him honestly telling God how we feel about what is happening in our lives. We can share our real feelings with God and we know that God loves us and he will always be with us.


God listens to us, always. We just have to speak to Him like we do to our friends. He will always listen to us because He is our Dad in heaven and He loves us so much. What do you want to tell Him today? He might not always answer in the way that we think it should be answered but He loves to listen and He will always listen. And remember God always has the best for us.