Baby Jesus is born


Jesus was God’s son and yet he came to earth as a little helpless baby. A baby that would need looking after, carrying, feeding, washing. And yet this baby was so special because he was also God’s son. How amazing! What a gift that God would send his son as a helpless human baby.

Do you know what things Babies need help with?
Can you try to help someone this Christmas? Your parents or your grandparents or your neighbours?


Dear God thank you so much for the gift of Jesus your son. Thank you that we can celebrate his birth and think about the amazing story. Thank you that even though Jesus was your son he was willing to come and live on earth to make a way for us to be friends with you. Thank you God, that at Christmas when we open our presents we can remember that you love us so much! Help us to remember this at Christmas and help us to show others how much you love them too.