The Wild Goose

The Wild Goose Drop-In Centre, based in Easton, provides free hot meals, shower facilities, clothing and toiletries four days and six nights a week for those in extreme poverty and need. The centre also serves as a hub in signposting to appropriate voluntary and council services, for housing, jobs, rehab, mental health services, etc.

A team coordinated by Bristol Vineyard volunteers helps every other Monday evening to serve food and hot drinks and provide a friendly face. A typical evening is busy, hot and a good laugh. A team of a nine people are needed to serve as many as 200 meals in a two-hour session. In recent years the team of volunteers have also included members of other churches and friends of people from BV who would like to get involved in serving the needs of those in the city.


"I have been volunteering at the Wild Goose with the team from BV for over five years. Some evenings are incredibly busy with a huge queue of hungry people wanting a warm place to sit for a hearty meal and cup of tea or two. Other times there are fewer people and there is time to chat with people coming in, to listen to their stories and offer a listening ear. Everyone has such a different story of what led them to seek out a meal at the Wild Goose that evening. Some evenings the atmosphere is tense as many people bring with them their problems and challenges. However, there is often laughter, singing and a lot of good banter. Many of the clients have commented that our team works well together, we seem to enjoy one another and this creates a positive environment. This has been my experience; volunteering is not always easy, but its a good thing to do that helps shape me in ways I think God desires to and hopefully benefits others in need as well.”

If you'd like to join the team, have a go one evening or ask some questions, please enter your detail in the form below to contact BV Wild Goose Team.