Discipleship Triplets

Growing up, before we grow old . . .

Following Jesus means becoming like him, and God brings this transformation about in many ways. We’ve found that many people benefit from meeting regularly with a couple of others. This practice often provides the support, challenge and encouragement that turns discipleship from a good intention into a reality.

The approach our triplets take is really simple:

  • Before meeting up, they each read and reflect on a passage of scripture.
  • When they get together, they discuss how their reading relates to their own lives.
  • They then pray for one another to be able to put these insights into practice.
  • They pray for others who might join them in following Jesus.

It’s quite a commitment – some triplets meet weekly, some fortnightly, but those who are willing to make the investment seem to agree that it’s worthwhile.

Of course, this is only one of many ways to support discipleship, and we’re not claiming it’s the best. But many of us have grown as disciples as we have met together in this way.