Small Group Resources

Here is a selection of songs that our Worship team has chosen as good songs for a small group setting or for worshipping God at home on your own. Under each video there is a little explanation about why each song has been chosen and also a link to the words and chords. We hope you find this helpful.

  • The whole awesome gospel story in one song. Lovely to spend time here and just ponder that Jesus is the Word of God, One with God. He brought heaven down to us. Lots of space in this version also in a good singable key. So much lyrical and biblical depth to this song.

    YouTube clip of original Hillsongs version in D which works well in a small group setting.

  • This is a powerful song with quite a vocal range which has a great build. I love the second verse where we speak to our bodies to tell them to praise Jesus

    The clip is in C with an octave jump in the second chorus, in the small group I sing in G and don’t do that octave jump thing!

  • A simple, quintessentially Vineyard song (Doerksen1990) in that it is about the quest to be in God’s presence and set apart for Him and ready to do what He wants. The refining process is lifelong. This is a beautiful sung prayer that we often return to.

    Recording and recommended singing in D.

  • This song points to the greatness of God’s love over the troubles we face and the unfailing nature of that love. Simple and easy to worship to. The song is from Bethel and some of their recordings are very up-beat and high.

    This clip is by Chris Quilala from Jesus Culture and is in D#, I find it easier to sing in G.

  • A simple verse/chorus song written by Caleb Pedersen. The song points to both God’s presence and His greatness and majesty.

    The recording is in G# with a vocal octave jump. Recommend singing in a small group in D or E without the vocal octave jump.

  • Song directed to God speaking of His loving, life-giving attributes and therefore of His Greatness. Speaks of His breath in our lungs and of our pouring out of praise making this a very body, heart and soul interaction with our Creator.

    The clip is the original All Sons and Daughters live recording in A, I find it easier to sing in G, 4 chords max!!

  • This is a song directed to God the Father and about his goodness to us and his love for us. Intimate and powerful.

    In this YouTube clip Tony Brown (Housefires), one of the song writers, describes how the chorus came about in spite of his own difficult family circumstances. They do the song in A but in small groups I find D or E more accessible.

  • This song is so simple and easy to sing and totally Jesus-focussed…all about bowing down (i.e. laying down your own self and desires) and lifting Him up with praise and adoration. I have always found this fresh and helpful and profound.

    A nice extended version here on YouTube (maybe if I was doing it live I might go down to C rather than D.)

  • This is a wonderful invitation, totally in line with the sermon on the mount, that starts with and invitation to the ‘thirsty and weak’ and ends with an invitation to Jesus to come be with us

    An early Vineyard song from Brenton Brown recorded in the UK. In this version it is in G, I sometimes take it down to D in a small group.

  • This is a really good song of praise directed to God ‘who is able’. It is good at the start of a small group worship set and is very accessible. It benefits from natural ebbs and flows.

    The song comes from the early days of the UK Worship Central group started by Tim Hughes when he was at HTB. The recording is in E, but is often better in D in a small group.