Bristol Vineyard Youth

Teenagers? We like them.

At Bristol Vineyard, we believe in investing in teenagers. We all recognise the importance of our teenage years in discovering who we are and taking decisions that will shape our lives. Bristol Vineyard Youth is a community within a community, where teenagers are welcomed, accepted and valued, and where they can grow a love for Jesus that will be a foundation for the rest of their lives.


Bristol Vineyard Youth has its own programme on Sunday mornings, in parallel with the main church meeting. If it’s your first visit to Bristol Vineyard, you’ll meet members of the church at the entrance who’ll be happy to show you where Kids Church meets.
Bristol Vineyard Youth also has regular meetings on Sunday evenings.

Our Approach

Our priority for young people at Bristol Vineyard is all about preparing them for the day they leave. We want to know that they’ll leave us with their own living, mature faith, ready to take root and thrive wherever they end up. We believe that this means giving them their own, dedicated groups and programmes, but also involving them as much as possible in the life of the whole church community.


We’re committed to safeguarding and the welfare of all our young people. If you’d like to see a copy of our safeguarding policy, please contact the church office at