Prayer at Bristol Vineyard

Prayer is how we connect with God. How we get to know Him better. Prayer is how we converse and engage with God. Prayer is something we do and something we live. Prayer is where we get to hear the secrets of God’s heart and share the secret depths of our hearts. Prayer changes us and changes situations as we learn to listen and respond to God, our Heavenly Father.

Jesus prayed. Jesus withdrew to quiet places to pray. Jesus' relationship with the Father grew in his times of prayer. In spending time with the Father, Jesus heard the Father’s heart and He grappled with His Father in prayer.

Jesus said, “When you pray" not "if you pray”.

So we want to pray! We want to learn to pray more and for prayer to become our natural response to what situation we find ourselves or others in. There are so many ways to do this. Prayers can be silent. Prayers can be together or on our own. Prayers can be on behalf of others or for ourselves. There is no ‘one' way to pray and no ‘right’ way to pray. But we can all pray more I’m sure.

Weekly Prayer Meeting


Do join us every week on Wednesday at 8pm for our online zoom prayer meeting to pray and intercede for our communities, our city, our country and beyond.

You'll need to download and install Zoom the first time - click here to download Zoom and get started.

If you've already downloaded Zoom you can simply open the app and use the following details to join each meeting:

Meeting ID: 437 366 802
Password: 488487

Thy Kingdom Come, Sunday 31st May, 7.30pm


To mark the end of our month of 24/7 prayer we are joining with churches across Bristol for ’Thy Kingdom Come’ - a celebration prayer event with Brian Heasley of 24/7 prayer. Let’s come together in unity to encounter Jesus and to pray for God’s Kingdom to come in our communities and across the Bristol region.

Join the Zoom call at (external link opens or downloads Zoom)