BV Kids Resources and Activities

April - 2021

  • Easter holidays activity: Scavenger Hunt

March - 2021

  • Jesus died and rose again: He is a loving King

  • Jesus washes his friends feet: He is a loving King

  • Jesus enters Jerusalem: He is a humble King

  • Jesus was tempted in the desert: We can ask God for help

February - 2021

  • Joshua and the Walls of Jericho: God Keeps his promises

  • Joshua crosses the Jordan: We can give thanks for all the good things God has given us

  • Rahab: We can trust in God

  • Joshua leads: God tells us to be brave and courageous

January - 2021

  • Moses in the wilderness: God provides for us

  • Moses and the Exodus: God rescues his people

  • Moses and the Burning Bush: God loves to talk to us

  • Baby Moses: God has a plan and it is good